Features and Attractions

Military Medals

Recognizing service and sacrifice

In nearly 70 years of operation, the Army Museum has amassed a large collection of military medals dating back to the earliest days of our country’s history. Each medal represents a pivotal moment in our development as a nation--and tells a powerful story of a soldier’s service and sacrifice in times of conflict.

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Educational Tools

Intrepreting Letters

A project consisting of different types of letters from the First and Second World Wars to help students learn how to intrepret information.

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The Road to Vimy and Beyond

First World War exhibit

Opened in 2014, this exhibit recounts the epic story of Canadians who fought in the First World War--with a special focus on the experiences of Nova Scotian soldiers who served and sacrificed in the “war to end all wars.”

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The Art of War

The art of Afghanistan Veteran Jessica Lynn Wiebe

Come and see a truly unique depiction of Canada’s military experience in Afghanistan--through the drawings of artist-soldier Jessica Wiebe.

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Trail of the Canadian Army, 1939-1945

Second World War Exhibit

Canadian soldiers played a strong and influential role in the Second World War, considered the largest military mobilization in history. Come and follow the trail of the Canadian army--and discover how our soldiers played an important role in some of the most pivotal moments of the war.

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