Special Collections

Behind the Scenes

Enjoy a glimpse into the life of Collections Management. Let us open the virtual door and show you some of the many wonderful items we are accessioning and preserving.

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War Souvenirs

Connections with Home

The Army Museum maintains a unique collection of souvenirs sent home from the front line, as well as souvenirs acquired by soldiers on their travels or sent by family to loved ones fighting overseas.

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Military Badges

Using colour for communication

The Army Museum is home to one of the most extensive military badge collections in the region. Badges serve a very important purpose and are worn with pride by soldiers.

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Trench Art

Creativity under conflict

Trench Art rank as possibly the most unique artifacts in the entire Army Museum collection. This is art like you have never seen it before; strange and oddly beautiful creations, handcrafted by soldiers using military ordnance and hardware.

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Exploring Trench Maps

The Great War in Detail

Maps are an important part of any strategic operation and the trench maps of WWI are no exception.

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