Features and Attractions

To commemorate the Centennial of the First World War, The Army Museum completed two major commemorative, permanent art installations: The Last Steps Memorial Arch in Halifax and Canada Gate on the battlefield of Passchendaele.

On 26 August 2016, The Army Museum unveiled The Last Steps Memorial Arch, here on the Halifax waterfront, at the end of the pier behind the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. It honours more than 300,000 Canadian soldiers who left for service overseas during the First World War.

On 9 November 2017, at a National Dedication Ceremony at Passchendaele, and in partnership with Visit Flanders, Veterans Affairs Canada, the town of Zonnebeke, and the Passchendaele Memorial Museum, Canada Gate was unveiled. It commemorates the bloodiest battle for Canada's soldiers during the Great War. It is located near Crest Farm Canadian Memorial, at the start of the last 700 yards of the Canadian attack that resulted in the capture of Passchendaele Ridge on 9/10 November 1917.

Please include a visit to the Last Steps Memorial Arch while in Halifax and follow the footsteps on the gangway. If you visit Flanders, those footsteps re-emerge at Canada Gate and point the way to the Passchendaele Church. 

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